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Extended Warranty

All Warranty Work Must Be Brought To Gerry's Used Cars In Corinna.

Term Length: 2 years/104 OR 15,000 miles per year/30,000 miles for 2 years

**Customer is responsible for changing the oil AND filter every 3,000 to 3,500 miles and keeping the receipts. Receipts should have mileage, VIN number, and date. Receipts will need to be produced if requested, and if not available WILL void warranty**


All internally lubricated parts inclusive of: pistons, piston rings and pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing gear chain and/or belt, rocker arms, shaft and bushings, valves, valve springs, guides and seats, push rods and lifters, oil pump; externally: water pump, oil pan, flywheel, valve covers, engine mounts, intake and exhaust manifolds, distributor shaft, gear and bushings, engine head(s), engine block, all internal parts with turbo/supercharger housing, gaskets and seals if damaged as a result of failure of covered part. As long as no fault of customer.


All internally lubricated parts contained within an automatic transmission and transfer case inclusive of: clutches, bands, pumps, carrier assemblies, internal shafts (main, intermediate, reaction), thrust washers and bearings, governor, valve body, servo and accumulator assemblies, torque converter, transmission mounts and shift linkage, throttle valve cable, case if damaged as a result of failure of covered automatic transmission parts. Internally lubricated parts contained within a manual transmission inclusive of: main shaft, coupler shaft, all gears, synchro hub assemblies, bearings, shift rails and internal shift forks, input shaft synchro rings and retainers, case if damaged as a result of failure of covered components. internally lubricated parts within the trans-axle of a front wheel drive including ring and pinion gears, internal bearings, axle(s), and case if damaged by covered components. As long as no fault of customer.

Drive Axle:

Parts contained within the differential housing including ring gear and pinion gears, bearings, differential housing if damaged by failure of internally lubricated parts, axle, and universal joints.

Four-Wheel Drive:

Parts contained within the transfer case if damaged by internally lubricated parts.

Steering and Suspension:

Steering gear, power steering pump, steering column shafts, rack and pinion, upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts, radius arm, sway bar links, stabilizer bar links, upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends, constant velocity joints (only lubricated joint failure is covered, torn boots at the time of failure will void this coverage), axle(s), and wheel bearings.


Master cylinder, vacuum assist booster, emergency brake cable, brake calipers, wheel cylinders, compensating valve, brake line tubing and fittings, brake light switch, anti lock brakes (ABS control module, ABS sensors, ABS control solenoids, ABS modulator valve, and ABS accumulator).

Seals and Gaskets:

Intake Manifold, valve covers, heads, oil pans, timing cover, front and rear main seal and camshaft.

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Please click here to download the extended warranty form.